Mark Weiser

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Click on parts of the picture above for more info, or read on. (The picture is by Peter Menzel , and first appeared in a German magazine profile, without the words. I have adopted it for my web page with permission. Thanks Peter.)

Pictures from my vacation in Greece with my daughter Nicole.

Pictures from the vacation part of my recent trip to Brazil.

I ran the Computer Science Laboratory at Xerox PARC for seven years, stepped down in 1994 to found a startup, and I have now just started (August 1996) as Chief Technologist of Xerox PARC. This will really be fun!

I am the drummer for Severe Tire Damage , first live band on the internet.

I work in ubiquitous computing.

Slides for a keynote talk to the International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE97, on reaching agreement in software engineering, entitled "Software Engineering and People".

Slides for a talk on the Computer Science challenges of the next 10 years.

Slides for a talk on educational challenges for Computer Science for the next 10 years. Given to the biannual Snowbird conference for Chairs of Computer Science Departments and Industrial Research Labs.

My research interests are garbage collection, operating systems, user interfaces, and ubiquitous computing. I used to work on software engineering and program slicing, but not much any more. (See papers for more info.) I am also active in the Computer Research Association, where I organized the first workshop for heads of industrial computer science laboratories.

I was program chair for the 15th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles.

I had a lot of fun being a judge for the Apple student design projects.